EpilSpring Epil’Spring is a natural hair removal method inspired by threading
that will allow you to obtain a professional result.
a revolutionary product


How it works

Epil’Spring is a natural hair removal method inspired by thread hair removal that will allow you to achieve professional results.

Epil’Spring works without batteries and without electricity and has an unlimited life under normal conditions of use.

Epil’Spring captures even very short hairs that other hair removal methods cannot.

Epil’Spring does not break the hairs, but plucks it at the root.

Epil’Spring removes the hair without harming your skin unlike other hair removal methods that are accompanied by redness.

After continued use of Epil’Spring, hair regrowth will be smoother because the hair removal is done from the bulb.

Epil’Spring can be used without having to be in front of a mirror.
Epil’Spring is hypoallergenic.

Epil’Spring is primarily intended for the face and can be used as a finish on the body.

Epil’Spring is easy to maintain as you only have to stretch the spring and blow on it to remove hair. Practical, you will take it everywhere with you.




Stretch the skin around your mouth with your tongue. For maintenance, simply tension the spring slightly and blow on it to evacuate the hairs. Clean it from time to time with a disinfectant solution. The device composed of natural product does not cause side effects and can be used by pregnant women. For obvious hygienic reasons, it is recommended not to lend the device. By using Epil’Spring regularly, hair regrowth will be smoother as it is removed at the root. The speed of regrowth varies among individuals.

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It’s a great product, to try it is to adopt it …

Anne Dupont

I can’t do without it, I use it every day.

Marie Lambert